Feminine Odor: Six Important Variations To Be Aware Of

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womenSo, it completely an natural for your vagina to emit, let’s say, a feminine odor. However, the actual smell down there may depend greatly on certain habits in your daily life, such as a variety of activities and your diet. Yet a feminine odor can also be an indicator of a serious infection or even worse.


Let’s have a look at six different feminine odors and what they are telling you, if you have that particular odor.


If your vagina is robust and healthy, if will most likely have some sort of minor feminine odor; this is par for course because the vagina is a natural home to an array of bacteria living in an acidic environment (in which the acidity level keeps their growth in check).

Having said that, depending on your activities, the odor may vary on a daily basis. For example, after a super-intense MMA Aerobics workout, you might find that you have a stronger-than-normal and musky feminine odor, which are emitting from the sweat glands around your genital area, and that is completely normal; no alarm bells need sound.



If you smell a feminine odor which is strong and quite foul, it is quite likely a symptom of a vaginal infection. The most often-occurring vaginal infection is bacterial vaginosis, commonly known as BV. This infection occurs when an overgrowth of vaginal bacteria causes in imbalance in the delicate pH levels found in vagina. This leads to an increase of thick, white discharge as well as a strong fishy odor that especially increases after you have had sex. If the foul odor is accompanied by a green discharge, this is a common symptom, and warning sign, of trichinosis, a STD. As always, when in doubt (about what feminine odor you are smelling), never hesitate to visit medical specialist.


You vagina might give off a different odor, depending on if and what lubricants you have been applying during sex, as well as if you have been using a condom or not. This feminine odor is often described by women as a ‘chlorine/bleachy’ smell, and is perfectly normal; again, no red flags thrown up in the air.

flower nice odorYEASTY

Although it is also both common and natural to have a small amount yeast in the vagina, just as will VB, an overgrowth in bacteria may change the vaginal pH balance and cause a yeast infection. If you happen to get a whiff of a feminine odor with a faint, bread-like aroma, accompanied by a thick, white discharge that is similar to cottage cheese…yep, that’s a yeast infection.


If you become aware of an odor that constantly smells a bit off (for example, a smell similar to blood) during your menstrual period, it normally nothing  worth throwing red flags up and about. The blood from you menstrual period may mix with other bodily fluids in the vagina and give off a tinny/metallic smell, which is perfectly normal….during your menstrual cycle.

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