Embarrassed by Vaginal Odor

Have You Ever Notice a Bad Odor?

vagina odorFor those women who have heard vagina odor, you probably know how horrible the experience can be. Vagina odor typically arises from an inflammation in the vaginal area. It can be caused by poor hygiene or some form of bacterial infection. Every girl has a distinct vagina smell which varies depending on the menstrual cycle. However, this should not be confused with vaginal odor, which can be a really bad experience for any woman. I am going to share a personal story to on my experience with vaginal odor and how to get rid of vaginal odor.

Personally, I am a shy woman, when I first noticed some unpleasant smell from my vaginal, I assumed it was my periods and although all was going to be okay in a few days. I thought it was something that could just disappear, with improved hygiene. I remember taking more time in my bathroom with the hope that the smell could just disappear away.

My relationship with my husband seems to get worse

relationshipI am married and my husband is very loving but like most women, I did not want him to notice the smell. When two days went by and the smell still remained, I got a bit worried thinking I had been infected. I remember excessively washing my vagina area, but the condition seemed to worsen. I remember my husband asking and I lied it were my periods.

Looking For The Perfect Solution

I searched for solutions online and found several products that promised to solve my problem in days. My life was slowly changing as I could not move out so often. Sometimes the smell could get intense and people around me could start holding their noses. I did’t know what is the causeI was so desperate and ready for any product that could heal my condition. I remember buying some expensive products online and using them for weeks without success. I had literally tried any product that promised to fully heal me and restore me into my normal life. Things with my husband lowly started to get worse.

SolutionAt first I could understand him, but he never seemed to understand my situation. I could actually seem him avoiding me and staying late with his friends on almost every day. I had nobody to share my woes with. I am one shy woman and you could imagine the embarrassment I went through when your friends walk from you without saying a word.

I could not even go to work since my staff members could not withstand my presence. I created all the excuses to stay home, even during the workdays. I knew this was not going to last but when I was almost giving up, I came upon some website which turned out to be my only savior.

I have found a lot of websites, that offer solutions to get rid of this problem. You can find my list with useful link below:

Tips on how to get rid of vaginal odor

Vaginal odor can result from a variety of causes including bacterial and yeast infections, hormonal changes, poor hygiene and STDs. Whatever the cause, it is an unbearably embarrassing problem that can wipe away a woman’s self esteem.

Maintain proper hygiene

Proper cleansing of the genital area helps to discourage bacterial growth. Wash the vagina three to four times a day with a clean cloth dabbed with mild antibacterial soap. Avoid scrubbing vigorously as this may cause irritation. After washing, rinse the area with warm water and dry it with a clean towel. Change underwear and tampons regularly as these can harbor odor-inducing bacteria.

Proper diet

dietEat plenty of fruits as these are instrumental in improving the immune system to handle vaginal pathogens that bring about odors. In general, a balanced diet helps to keep the immune system in proper working condition, helping to eliminate vaginal bacteria. Avoid alcohol, sugary foods and starch since they promote the growth of yeast in the vagina. You should also drink plenty of water as it aids in elimination of toxins and harmful bacteria.

Avoid tight fitting and airtight clothes

Wearing tight clothing creates the warm, damp conditions that are conducive for bacterial proliferation. Cotton panties instead of synthetic fabric ones as well as breathable fairly lose clothes help to aerate the vaginal area and eliminate bacteria.

Wash up and/or urinate after sex

Some secretions produced during sexual intercourse enhance the growth of microorganisms in the vagina. Therefore you should take a quick shower after sex to get rid of them. Additionally, urinating after sex helps to eliminate extra secretions left inside. The use of protection during sex reduces the risk of STIs and the chances of passing other microorganisms from your partner’s genitalia.

Some natural remedies

natural remediesThere are plenty of natural remedies for vaginal odor. These include garlic, tea tree oil, apple cedar vinegar and baking soda. These are best used by adding to bath water but some of them can also work when ingested. Their main mode of action is through their antiseptic properties which help to kill bacteria and yeast responsible for vaginal smells.

Visit a doctor

If all the above efforts fail and your vaginal odor takes a turn for the worse or other symptoms manifest themselves, it may be time to seek professional medical advice. If the odor is accompanied by vaginal discharge and itching, it could be the sign of an STD and this may require over the counter medication.

Finally I Found Promised eBook

The website had an eBook on yeastinfectionnomore.com, that promised ways of getting rid of vaginal odor in days. Since I had tried all products, I had nothing to lose trying this eBook. The eBook had well explained methods on how to get rid of the odor within a few days. I followed all the guidelines and could not believe if the smell had gone all my noses had lost their ability to smell.

yeast infection cover book

I could walk freely and people around me acted normal. I immediately got back to work and everything was becoming normal again. My husband had even noticed my change and I could see him coming home early and acting all nice. I understood him and within weeks things got back to normal. We could make love once again and our relationship that was breaking apart got better.

Yeast Infection No More – Ebook Review

If you are a woman like me, you have certainly dealt with the unpleasant vaginal odor at least once in your life. That odor is very stingy and it does not go away permanently by using only water and soap – while it is true that thorough hygiene is essential for every lady, unfortunately it is not a long-term cure for the foul smell that can push men away. After years of struggle and after I almost lost my hope, I stumbled upon a really interesting, factual and information-rich eBook that offered me a deeper insight into the problem and that provided me with several effective, holistic approaches for dealing with my unpleasant vaginal odor. The book I am talking about is Yeast Infection No More, and here you will find out more about the eBook and how it helped me!

How Can The eBook Help You? What Does It Have To Offer?

If you are the type of woman who would rather resort to natural treatments over synthetic drugs and supplements, then this eBook by Elena Peterson is just what you need. Honestly, before I switched to natural treatments, I experienced a variety of nasty side effects from medications, from burning sensations to pain and intense itching and they only made my initial problem even worse! Fortunately, this was never the case again after I started to slowly change my lifestyle based on the natural program detailed in the book.When talking about the foul vaginal odor, it must be said that the real challenge is not getting rid of the odor, but preventing it from returning over the months!

The eBook is based on factual, scientifically proven methods designed to help you get rid of that unpleasant and persistent vaginal odor.

  • The first chapter emphasizes on the most common causes for it,
  • The second one will teach you that antibiotics and other prescription drugs may not be the best solution for the problem (and might actually do you more harm than good, as it is known that antibiotics destroy both the bad bacteria and the good, and the latter is very important for your immune system!).
  • On the other hand, the third chapter is the one that will offer you all the information you need on how to create your own, natural, efficient and very affordable treatment plan.


What I loved the most about this really detailed eBook (in addition to being very efficient) was the fact that it came with three generous bonuses that really came in handy for me, in the long run. With that in mind, Elena’s book comes with the Candida Control Diet and the Natural Yeast Infection Cure, both of which are entirely natural and will help you address all the underlying causes of the odor. You will be amazed to see that some simple and seemingly irrelevant dietary changes can make a tremendous difference in the way you look, smell and feel about yourself!

What Are The Benefits Of This eBook?

The benefit that mattered the most to me was the fact that it was all natural and very affordable. The treatment does not involve the use of any medications and there are no unpleasant adverse reactions to worry about, either.

Benefits of Yeast Infection No More:

  • The instructions are easy to follow with permanent results in record three days
  • All natural and therefore ideal for women who want to avoid side effects
  • It teaches one how to use ingredients at home to stop B.V outbreaks
  • The program exposes culprits around your home that could actually be the reason why you have B.V
  • Saves you money that you could have used on pills, creams and solutions that never help
  • Eliminates embarrassment from fishy vaginal odor

Besides this, you will get a personalized dietary plan in digital form that you can easily carry with you on your tablet or smart phone, so you can stick to your special diet even when you are at work. The diet offers a holistic approach to the problem, and it treats the cause, not the symptoms. Moreover, the book comes with a 60-day money back guarantee that allows you to get a full refund, on a no-questions asked basis, if you are not 100% satisfied with it. You have nothing to lose!

Besides the natural formulas to cure B.V, there is more for women in the eBook:

  • Symptoms of a vaginal yeast infection and how to eliminate them
  • Natural cures for vaginal yeast infections that work in hours
  • How to prevent yeast infections in future using 11 tips
  • Lifestyle changes to avoid future infections

yeast infection cover book
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What did you learn about bacterial vaginosis?

Itching vagina coupled with discharge that smells like fish are the major symptoms of an embarrassing condition known as bacterial vaginosis. Women all over the world struggle with this vaginal odor and due to the embarrassment involved, many spend thousands trying to cover up, if not cure it. Though expensive, most methods only prevent the condition for a while only for its symptoms to come back in full force.

Bacterial vaginosis is not only shameful but it can also result to increased psychological, emotional as well as physical conditions if left unhandled. I personally suffered with this condition so much that sex was out of the question, but fortunately a trusted friend mentioned the Yeast Infection No More eBook. I was skeptical at first but honestly had nothing to lose and so I decided to purchase this book.

Low/high estrogen levels, Lupus and pregnancy are common conditions that increase the chances of getting bacterial vaginosis but your lifestyle certainly plays a major role. Multiple sex partners, smoking and douching are common causes of the condition among 16% of women.

Vaginal health is often affected by our diet and it is important for women to learn the right foods to consume for healthy vagina. When we consume too much caffeine, sugar and avoid fruits, whole grains and vegetables, the result is an imbalance between good and bad bacteria. If bad bacteria overwhelm the good type, you will begin itching and obviously, this will be followed by a foul smell from your vagina.

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  • Felicia

    How am I hoping this will finally cure that God damn thing! I never ever had any problems until a couple of months ago; I didn’t do anything different, no diet change or else so I’m lost. Right now I’m single but this puts me off dating for a while, I would be totally embarrassed!

  • Sara Pialla

    Thanks for sharing this, Daniella. I always both shower and urinate after sex after my gynecologist recommended this so I know this isn’t causing my vaginal odor but I don’t know what else it might be.

  • Sylvia

    I thought this was something temporary but it just won’t go away. I noticed a fishy smell after I returned from Thailand but I blamed it on tight bikinis and being a lot in the water. I tried showering more and wearing loose lingerie but it didn’t do anything. This is so annoying!!!!

    I hope this helps me!

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  • Aura

    Thank you so much for posting your experience, Hannah! You’ve given me courage to test this out because nothing seems to be working for me! I really, really hope this works out because I am desperate after trying all sorts of different things to no avail!

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    My nightmare started in my mid 20s and it shows no sign of going away. I’ve tried over the counter meds and while one gave me a huge allergy the other did absolutely nothing. I have diabetes, do you know if the treatments recommended in this book interfere with my condition or are safe to use?

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    I’ve also had serious issues down there and this helped me immensely! I was very skeptical about buying it but I wanted to try it out because I knew I could ask for my money back if it didn’t work. To my surprise, it did work and I’m so happy I tried it!

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